CGIAR communities of practice on  Monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) and on Impact Assessment  (IA) are having a joint meeting to better coordinate their work in light of recent changes in  CGIAR Reporting Standards, Integrated performance framework, and independent advisory services (including Standing Panel on Impact Assessment). In a combination of plenary and CoP-specific sessions, we’ll work towards the following objectives

  1. To strengthen a shared understanding of MEL IA roles, responsibilities and plans of MEL COP & IA COP 
  2. To continue to build CGIAR quality standards and guidelines for MEL IA work undertaken at the project, program/platform, Center and system levels.
  3. To exchange and share exciting MEL and IA work that is going on in the CRPs, Platforms, Centers, projects and partners and at System level:
  4. To review the MEL and IA work plans and TORs