SPIA Panel

The Standing Panel on Impact Assessment is an external, impartial panel of up to 6 experts in impact assessment subject matter. Panel members are generally full-time academics who dedicate, on average, about one month per year to SPIA activities.

The Panel is supported by a Secretariat and a team of SPIA researchers working in institutionalizing collection of data on CGIAR innovations in National Data Systems. SPIA furthermore works closely with Impact Assessment Focal Points (IAFP), nominated by each CGIAR Center and CRP.

National Data Systems Team engaged by SPIA

The work of SPIA is supported by a national data systems team:

CGIAR Advisory Services Shared Secretariat

The CAS Secretariat delivers operational support to the Standing Panel on Impact Assessment (SPIA).

Current staff members who support SPIA are:

Impact Assessment Focal Points (IAFPs)

SPIA’s primary points of contact with CGIAR centers and Initiatives are the Impact Assessment Focal Points (IAFPS). IAFPS, who are appointed by their institutions, maintain the flow of information between SPIA and the research programs, and also form a community of practice around impact assessment issues in CGIAR.