Supporting Rigorous Impact Assessment across the CGIAR

Engaging CGIAR’s impact assessment (IA) community is essential to strengthening rigorous impact assessment across the CGIAR since this is often where the constraints to more and better impact assessments by CGIAR centers and research programs lie. SPIA addresses this by:

  • Developing and sharing synthesis products and guidance for research managers on understanding and using IA results in program design.
  • Strengthen capacity to conduct rigorous impact assessment by supporting IA study design, review of center/research program impact assessment strategies, and development of standards, protocols, and trainings.
  • Improve the usefulness and the use of data collected in impact assessment by developing and supporting the use of good practice when data sets are made public (in compliance with CGIAR policies) and supporting integration with initiatives that enable datasets to become Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Re-useable (FAIR).


Activities and Resources