The number of rigorous evaluations of interventions designed to increase agricultural productivity and spur agricultural intensification continues to grow. However, few of these evaluations examine spillovers in time (long run impacts) or on other outcomes (particularly environmental). The goal of the Agricultural Interventions Database is to provide a convenient and organized repository of existing interventions, with the goal of lowering the cost of pursuing follow up research on these studies. The version as of October 2023 includes only randomized trials, which are particularly suited to follow up research.

Access the database and user guide here:


Tips for use: The database is searchable and serves as a starting point for identifying interventions that may be suitable for follow up study on environmental spillovers or long run impacts. Researchers should, of course, use their own judgement on suitability. First, the original studies can offer more detail on implementation than is included in the database. Second, the availability of data, including spatial identifiers, to facilitate follow up research, needs to be determined by the researcher – including, in some cases, by contacting the original authors. Third, the availability of appropriate data for follow up is not guaranteed, and may require new remote sensing measurement or new field work. A potentially useful set of guidelines for combining randomized interventions with remote sensing is available here.