The purpose of the 2023 evaluation of the Genebank Platform was to support the institutional learning of Crop Trust and CGIAR and provide evidence regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of the Genebank Platform (from 2017-21). The evaluation exercise aimed to also identify good practices and lessons for the Genebanks Initiative and Genetic Innovation Science Group and CGIAR at large.

Towards evaluation credibility, data collection followed a mixed methods design, leveraging both qualitative and quantitative data from primary and secondary sources to answer evaluation questions, understand operating environments, and track contextual and programmatic assumptions.

Eight key evaluation questions were framed along the five evaluation criteria: relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, coherence and added-value, and sustainability and learning for impact (see CGIAR-wide Evaluation Policy).

The data collection incorporated semi-structured interviews, in-depth document and literature reviews, field visit(s) to Genebanks, and strategically identified gatherings of Platform stakeholders for face-to-face interactions. Accordingly, three platform module studies, two deep dive studies, an online survey, and an exploratory social network analysis were developed as the core source of evidence for developing evaluation conclusions and recommendations.

All Genebank Platform stakeholders were welcome and encouraged to engage in the evaluation process and participate in interviews. Please contact IAES-Evaluation@cgiar.org for related inquiries.


CGIAR Independent Advisory and Evaluation Service (IAES). (2023). Evaluation of the CGIAR Genebank Platform, Report. Rome: IAES Evaluation Function. https://iaes.cgiar.org/evaluation


S. Humphrey, D. Coombs, H. Pritchard, JL. Pham, S. Sellitti and S. Anand


Independent Advisory and Evaluation Service (IAES)