The Social Network Analysis (SNA) was part of the 2023 evaluation of the Genebank Platform. The SNA aimed to identify and delineate the main stakeholders and study the relationships between themselves and other stakeholders as they interacted on CGIAR’s Genebank Platform. The analysis focused on comprehending the flows of information between these different partners and users. The use of SNA in the evaluation complemented and supplemented the three key criteria of relevance, effectiveness and coherence, and aided results obtained for the other three Platform modules, namely, policy, conservation, and use. Key takeaways from the SNA included the need for CGIAR to continue its efforts to strengthen its relationship with the NARS in each country.


IAES (CGIAR Independent Advisory and Evaluation Service). (2023). Evaluation of the CGIAR Genebank Platform: Social Network Analysis. Rome: IAES Evaluation Function. https://iaes.cgiar.org/evaluation


Shweta Anand, Sarah Humphrey, Stefania Sellitti, David Coombs, Hugh W. Pritchard and Jean-Louis Pham