CEO and founder of QualAnalytics

Monica holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Delhi and a PhD in sociology from Duke University and has held academic appointments at Yale, Duke, and American University. She specializes in qualitative methods and brings a sociological lens to a variety of research goals: evaluations of development projects, situational analyses to inform intervention design, development of survey questions that are meaningful and context-specific, use of qualitative data as the ‘gold standard’ to develop indices, process monitoring to understand mechanisms behind social change, and training teams to collect large-N open-ended interview data. She has worked with collaborators across a range of disciplines - sociology, economics, nutrition, public health and law - on issues of gender, nutrition, wellbeing measurement, living standards, education, labor force participation, education, cultural heritage, and organizational change. She has worked in 15 countries on projects funded by the World Bank, UN Women, UNICEF, USAID, J-PAL, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Her publications have appeared in AIDS Care, American Sociological Review, Global Health, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, Social Science and Medicine, and World Development.