One of the suggestions from the February 2018, IFPRI (Washington D.C.) workshop was to further discuss how best to assess impacts of landscape research in CGIAR as well as CGIAR’s role in conceptualization and development of landscape approaches. This one-day workshop initiates discussions around these topics. Objectives include:

  • Contribute to the development of the current FTA-PIM-WLE land restoration initiative, and the potential CGIAR special initiative on landscapes, in particular in terms of thinking evaluation designs and measurement of (multiple and inter-related) outcomes
  • Progress on a plan for generating evidence of impact of CGIAR NRM research in general and “landscape research” in particular, including ideas for specific studies
  • Provide input into the planning of FTA’s proposed impact assessment workshop to be held in 2019
  • Input into SPIA (Wednesday) and IWMI (Thursday) breakout sessions in Science Forum 2018