CGIAR research on Natural Resource Management (NRM) has made important contributions to science and influenced policy and investment choices by governments and their development partners. However, direct empirical evidence of the uptake, use, and impact of the CGIAR’s NRM research on the ground remains scarce. A recent series of studies commissioned by the ISPC’s Standing Panel on Impact Assessment, most of which are sustainable production related innovations, lends further insight into these low uptake levels.

In an effort to address this disconnect between research and impact, this learning workshop brings together an interdisciplinary team of experts to re-think how on-farm NRM innovations are developed and tested, how they are promoted and scaled, and how impact is assessed. The workshop will kick off with a review of recent evidence on NRM uptake from the SIAC studies. Each session will include presentations and discussions that draw on insights by CGIAR research leaders and scientists, external experts, and impact assessment specialists.

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IFPRI Policy Seminar - Managing Natural Resources for Sustainable Production Systems: A Research Agenda at the Crossroads (28 February, 12:15 -13:45 pm, 1201 Eye St. NW
12th Floor Conference Center, Washington, DC 20005
United States)

This policy seminar provides insights from economics, integrated landscape strategies, and geospatial analytics to recommend ways forward for NRM research that most effectively contribute to the development of sustainable production systems, while also highlighting innovative methods and tools to evaluate adoption and impact more precisely.

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