Although investments in agricultural research and development are key to agricultural growth, demonstrating this in a way that is convincing and relevant to policy requires data on adoption of agricultural innovations at scale. For CGIAR, tracking adoption of innovations remains a daunting task.

In this technical note we propose a country-level framework for identifying and prioritizing key CGIAR innovations that could warrant inclusion in country-level data collection efforts. Section 1 introduces a systematic approach for identifying a set of innovations in a given country. Section 2 discuses several ways to operationalize this approach, through piggy-backing on nationally representative surveys or using additional data sources, such as remote sensing or community surveys. Section 3 applies this framework to four countries in sub-Saharan Africa – Ethiopia, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda – to obtain lists of potential innovations to consider for specific data collection efforts. Finally, section 4 discusses challenges, lessons learned, and how the approach could be scaled up to a larger number of countries in the future.


Kosmowski, F., Ilukor, J., Johnson, N., Sekabira, H., Stevenson, J. & Wambugu, S. (2019). A Country-Level Approach for Tracking the Diffusion of Agricultural Innovations in Developing Countries, Technical Note N.7. Rome: Standing Panel on Impact Assessment (SPIA).


Kosmowski, F., Ilukor, J., Johnson, N., Sekabira, H., Stevenson, J., & Wambugu, S.