This review focuses on the work of the WLE CRP during the period 2017–19. The review questions are as follows:

  1. Quality of science: To what extent does the CRP deliver quality of science, based on its work from 2017 through 2019?
  2. Effectiveness: What outputs and outcomes have been achieved, and what is the importance of those identified results?
  3. Future orientation: To what extent is the CRP positioned to be effective in the future, seen from the perspectives of scientists and of the end users of agricultural research?



CAS Secretariat (CGIAR Advisory Services Shared Secretariat). (2020). CGIAR Research Program 2020 Reviews: Water, Land and Ecosystems (WLE). Rome: CAS Secretariat Evaluation Function. https://cas.cgiar.org/


Sarah Humphrey and Christo Fabricius