The goal of the Livestock CRP is to create a well-nourished, equitable, and environmentally healthy world through livestock research for development. It builds on the previous Livestock and Fish CRP aiming to increase the productivity of livestock agri-food systems in sustainable ways, making meat, milk, and eggs more available and affordable across the developing world. The CRP is carried out through five Flagship Programs (FPs): Livestock Genetics (FP1); Livestock Health (FP2); Livestock Feeds & Forages (FP3); Livestock & Environment (FP4); Livestock Livelihoods & Agrifood Systems (FP5), and through the cross-cutting themes of Gender and Capacity Development.

The Livestock CRP review was an opportunity to generate insights about quality of science (QoS), effectiveness, and future orientation, addressing three questions. It covers activities from 2017 to 2019 and was conducted from August to October 2020.



CAS Secretariat (CGIAR Advisory Services Shared Secretariat). (2020). CGIAR Research Program 2020 Reviews: Livestock. Rome: CAS Secretariat Evaluation Function. https://cas.cgiar.org/


Karen McHugh and Ben Bennett