SPIA is pleased to announce a call for Expressions of Interest for studies of "The environmental impacts of agricultural intensification". We have linked up with colleagues at the Environmental Market Solutions Lab (emLab) at the University of California, Santa Barbara for this call - an outstanding disciplinary team of researchers from the social and natural sciences.

We have up to $1.2 million USD to allocate across studies for this call. We're also innovating in the way we structure this call, to try and get as many good ideas on the table as possible. There are two tracks for submission that CGIAR researchers can pursue: Track 1 is for teams of CGIAR and external researchers that have already been formed, and which have a candidate research design identified; Track 2 is for CGIAR researchers who have strong candidate innovations but wish to be matched to external researchers to help develop the impact evaluation design.

Expressions of interest are due by end of August 2019. Check out the call document for full details, and please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have questions. Good luck!