19-20 April 2018 - Rome, Italy - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)


The ISPC holds two open meetings per year to report on ongoing activities and future trends.

The subjects of key technical presentations are selected so that the discussions and resulting outputs lead to direct advice for the System Council meetings that immediately follow.

Key objectives

  1. Climate change and agriculture: Identify the implications of recent changes in climate change policies related to agriculture for the global agricutural research agenda in the CGIAR.
  2. Future opportunities for the CGIAR: Understand the vision of the new System Management Board Chairman for the CGIAR as a System and build on the outcomes of discussions on it at the 2nd General Assembly of CGIAR Centers.
  3. Implications of SPIA evidence for CGIAR future research agenda on natural resource management and sustainable production systems: Present outcomes of the SPIA/PIM  Workshop (26-28 February 2018) on adoption of farm-level NRM innovations and implications for the CGIAR NRM research strategy.
  4. 2018 ISPC Science Forum: Present the rationale and scope for the upcoming Science Forum 2018 (SF18), including an update on the preparations. 
  5. Livestock in the CGIAR research agenda: Explore the relevance of livestock across the CGIAR portfolio, taking stock of impact pathways and considering if there are missed opportunities for public sector funded agricultural research.