Date: 6 June, 2024 

Time: 14:00 (CEST)

Training | Hybrid

About the Event

As a means for supporting greater readiness for evaluation, In 2022 the Independent Advisory Evaluation Services (IAES) at CGIAR developed a framework for evaluability assessments (EA), comprised of 6 domains: intervention logic; Monitoring, evaluation & learning (MEL) systems and resources; gender, diversity and inclusivity; long-term evaluability; context and environment; and management and stakeholder engagement. Within the 6 domains there is check-list of 40 questions which can be used as both a self-assessment tool and as a means for independent assessors to determine extent of evaluability. Recent experience has illustrated that a strong value in the EA framework has brought the engagement of end users of R4D work, marginalized groups and the cross-center collaboration within CGIAR (the EA of the 4 regional integrated initiatives in CGIAR (ToRs).

The training session has three core learning objectives: (1) Learn about different interpretations and approaches to EAs in practice in CGIAR; and (2) Reflect on and consider implementing EAs within one’s own organization as an internal evaluator, or with client organizations as an independent evaluation consultant. (3) hear about synthetic findings, and a reflection on the learning within CGIAR against the ToRs for Evaluability Assessments and with funders related to internal policies and processes for planning, M&E of, as well as inclusion of marginalized groups.
(EA report would be available to participants in advance)


  • Svetlana Negroustoueva, Independent Evaluation Lead (CGIAR)
  • Amy Jersild, Independent Expert
  • Gaia Gulotta, Evaluation Analyst
  • Rick Davies, Monitoring & Evaluation Consultant


  • Evaluation Comissioners
  • Decision makers
  • Civil Society
  • Civil Servant / Intl. Organization Employee
  • Evaluation and transformational change: Balancing ambition and realism


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