Tanjim has completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Economics from the University of Dhaka. His previous experiences include planning and implementing different Randomized Controlled Trials and household surveys conducted by Stanford University, Georgetown University, and Columbia University as a Research Assistant at ARCED Foundation. Prior to that, he was the sub-editor of UNDP supported Aspire to Innovate Program’s flagship report titled "Equality through E-quality". His team was selected for a session dedicated to young Bangladeshi researchers at the IGC Research and Policy Conference 2023 where they presented the proposal titled 'Randomized evaluation of introducing financial products on the adoption of climate-resilient housing practices'. In SPIA, Tanjim has been working on assisting the panel members in planning and implementing the special fourth round of the SPIA-Bangladesh Integrated Household Survey with the goal of assessing the impacts of CGIAR initiatives in Bangladesh.