CGIAR’s Independent Advisory and Evaluation Service (IAES) implements CGIAR’s multi-year, independent evaluation plan as approved by the System Council, and provides operational support as the secretariat for the Independent Science for Development Council (ISDC) and the Standing Panel on Impact Assessment (SPIA). IAES is expanding its pool of qualified evaluation and program analysts, to maintain a roster to support ISDC and Evaluation function in eventual and planned activities in line with the 2022-2024 workplan and beyond. The two workstreams supply CGIAR’s governance body and internal and external stakeholders with independent, programmatic, and on-demand evaluations and reviews.


The evaluation or program analyst supports the evaluation or ISDC workstreams within the IAES. The analyst is based remotely, with preferred working availability to align with CET/Rome, Italy. The analyst is a project-bound role focused on ensuring the delivery of integrated research  activities  or support  function services.  

Key Responsibilities for Evaluation

Under the supervision of  workstream Lead or other designated professionals, specific responsibilities include:

  • Operationally support implementation of the evaluation activities under the multi-year work plan, including but not limited to thematic, corporate and regional/country-based evaluative activities according to IAES quality standards and as assigned
  • Assist with the quality assurance and peer review process for evaluations aligned to standards, guidelines and methodologies, aligned to the overarching CGIAR Evaluation Framework and Policy, developing and/or sourcing relevant research and technical inputs
  • Support and contribute to (e.g., data entry, data processing, data analysis) CGIAR evaluation database, and other forms of related knowledge management and record-keeping
  • Assist with development of evaluation-related communication and knowledge management products for effective use of evaluation findings and recommendations in the CGIAR
  • Support to sound documentation and knowledge management practices
  • Coordinate and support logistical preparations for and technical inputs to evaluation-related meetings, events, and workshops

Key Responsibilities for ISDC

  • Coordinate and support logistical preparations for and technical inputs to ISDC-related meetings, events, and workshops
  • Develop databases to monitor all aspects of projects
  • Support development and tracking of task orders and letters of assignment for subject matter experts
  • Administrative and coordination tasks as assigned

Qualifications and competencies

Essential qualifications and competencies

  • Education.  We seek candidates with Master’s degree or equivalent (5 year) degree in, inter alia, rural development, agriculture, food, and nutrition, program evaluation and measurement, statistics, social sciences, business or public administration, international development, or other fields relevant to CGIAR. For program analyst, 5 years total working experience will be considered in place of Master’s degree.
  • Years of professional experience. For evaluation candidates: Minimum 3 years of relevant working experience in analyst role in evaluation, project, or country program design, and those related to SDGs , with at least one year of relevant experience in supporting evaluations. For program analyst, 3 years full-time work experience in administrative or coordination role.
  • For evaluation candidates: Experience in qualitative and quantitative analysis and research; strong skills in conducting and analyzing online surveys; 
  • Experience with web-based management systems and dashboards;
  • Excellent written and spoken English, including for report preparation for executive and multicultural audiences;
  • High level of proficiency in the use of standard office software (Microsoft 365 suite), e.g., MS Word, Teams Excel and PowerPoint in a SharePoint environment;
  • Proven experience with evaluation-related knowledge management and communications

Desired qualifications and competencies

  • Ability to work independently on assigned  project design and coordination tasks, with related accountabilities and authority
  • Consistently models evaluation ethics, including impartiality, integrity, and independence
  • Excellent project coordination and time management skills, attention to detail
  • Self-starters, initiative takers with ability to work as a team member, and be in a supporting role
  • Communication skills (oral and written) and an ability to summarize complex evaluative and scientific information in a straight-forward way for non-specialists.
  • Understanding of and/or experience with implementation of Evaluability Assessments
  • Understanding and/or experience working with data visualization
  • Additional foreign language(s) beyond English
  • For evaluation candidates:
    • An evaluation-related accreditation or certification Working proficiency in one of a number of statistical software (e.g., Stata, R, SPSS, etc.)
    • Membership in a voluntary organization of professional evaluation, and evaluation association

Terms and conditions: This is a consulting, temporary recruited opportunity. The quoted daily rate should be commensurate with experience and industry standards. The consultant is to use their own equipment. IAES uses a Microsoft Windows operating environment. Individuals selected for the roster must agree to abide by the applicable code of conduct, conflict of interest and confidentiality policies. Selection for the roster is not a guarantee of contract.

How to submit an expression of interest:

Please submit the following as separate documents:

1) A brief statement of no more than two (2) pages of text expressing interest and presenting your candidature by e.g., (i) explaining your motivation and relevant past experience, (ii) supplying two professional references and (iii) presenting your daily rate in USD. These rates will be applied for the full 12 months that the consultant is on the roster (daily rate can be renegotiated if the roster membership is extended).

Expressions of Interest (EOIs) will be reviewed and included in the roster on a rolling basis through the stated deadline. Only electronically submitted proposals will be considered. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interview. Please note: these consultancies are not designed for work of a continuing nature, or to lead to a staff position and as such, there should be no expectation of continued employment at the end of the contract. All EOIs must be received no later than 30 December 2022, with applications being reviewed on a rolling basis. Only electronically submitted applications will be considered. Late proposals will not be considered.

Email applications to:

Please include which position (evaluation or program analyst) you are applying for in cover letter and subject line of the email.