CGIAR recognizes that operating according to the highest ethical standards is a prerequisite to being able to deliver on our vision. CGIAR adheres to the Core Ethical Values of Integrity, Dignity and Respect, Sustainability, Excellence and Innovation, and Partnership, as set forth in the CGIAR Ethics Framework.

To ensure accountability, CGIAR welcomes reporting of any illegal or unethical conduct (e.g., corruption, fraud, misuse of resources, abuse of authority, etc.) by anyone associated with our work. Our reporting mechanisms are available to everyone: staff, partners, contractors, suppliers, and anyone else who interacts with CGIAR, including the public at large.

There are multiple options to report misconduct. The two main avenues are CGIAR’s whistleblowing hotline and directly to the Office of Ethics and Business Conduct. However, it always remains possible to report misconduct directly to the appropriate CGIAR entity. Further information and contact points can be found here.

Furthermore, CGIAR has launched an Ombuds Office to assist staff and consultants to navigate interpersonal and institutional issues. CGIAR’s new Ombudsperson is Dr. Anu Rao, Ph.D. Anu may be contacted by email at for appointments. Anu adheres to the tenets, ethics and values, and the standards of practice, of the International Ombuds Association. This means that CGIAR’s Ombuds Office is a resource for fairness and an impartial, independent, informal, and confidential resource for CGIAR.