This report describes how Tradeoff Analysis (TOA) of agri-food systems can contribute to the One CGIAR mission of ending hunger by 2030—through science to transform food, land and water systems in a climate crisis. Science and industry recognize TOA as a valuable analytical tool to inform choice among management options for complex systems with uncertain, incommensurate, multi-dimensional outcomes.

Alternative strategies to transform complex food, land and water systems will result in inevitable tradeoffs and potential synergies across the CGIAR impact areas: nutrition and food security; poverty reduction, livelihoods, and jobs; gender equality, youth, and social inclusion; climate adaptation and greenhouse gas reduction; environmental health and biodiversity.

Through coordination of research design and evaluation at the project level with global One CGIAR goals, TOA can help One CGIAR and its stakeholders efficiently and effectively set priorities among potential innovations to balance inevitable tradeoffs and exploit synergies.


Antle, J., Valdivia, R. (2020) Tradeoff Analysis of Agri-Food Systems for One CGIAR. Independent Science for Development Council (ISDC).


Antle, J., Valdivia, R.