The overarching question that Agriculture & Food Systems to 2050 (World Scientific, 2018) seeks to address is: How should agricultural research and policy re-orient itself to address the ‘perfect storm’ of global threats and opportunities facing our planet?

The volume, comprised of 18 chapters authored by leading experts in foresight, explores threats as well as opportunities for the global agricultural and food systems between now and 2050. Their analysis is organized into four sections—each of which focuses on a key dimension of the ‘perfect storm’. These are food system threats and challenges; technological innovations and disruptive futures; agricultural transformation, bioeconomy and sustainable resource use; and food systems policy futures. The synthesis chapter brings together key messages and an assessment of opportunities in agricultural research for

This brief outlines some of the book's key headlines. 


ISPC. (2018). Agriculture & Food Systems to 2050 -Global Trends, Challenges and Opportunities, Brief N. 72. Rome: Independent Science and Partnership Council. 


Edited by Rachid Serraj (ISPC Secretariat) & Prabhu Pingali (Cornell University)