Webinar jointly organized by ISDC and the CGIAR Foresight Team

Attendees: ISDC, CGIAR Foresight Team, SPIA Chair, CAS Secretariat

Speakers: Holger Meinke (ISDC Chair), Keith Wiebe, Steve Prager (Foresight Team co-leads), Chris Barrett, Andrew Ash (ISDC members), Ruben G. Echeverria (IFPRI)

Background: The use of foresight and trade-off assessment during project development and implementation is a key operationalization element of the 2030 CGIAR Research and Innovation Strategy. In 2020, two commissioned foresight reviews focusing on the One CGIAR impact areas and a follow-up ISDC trade-off report were released. In early 2021, they were adapted to a more general audience in the first issue of Q Open, a peer-reviewed open access journal ISDC wrote an introduction for the articles and the CGIAR Foresight Team co-leads authored a commentary. This joint effort resulted in lessons and recommendations for One CGIAR and for international development research organizations.

Meeting goals:

  • To share knowledge on how ISDC and the Foresight Team are applying and integrating foresight and trade-off analyses processes and needs into the development of One CGIAR Investment Plan and Research Initiative proposals
  • To update the Foresight Team on the operationalization of the Quality of Research for Development (QoR4D) frame of reference
  • To learn the current and future research the Foresight Team is conducting
  • To explore ways of cooperation on foresight and trade-off analysis among One CGIAR and with partners and stakeholders

Expected outcomes: To assist CGIAR’s governance bodies in their decisions on research strategy and research portfolio, (i) facilitate knowledge exchanges on existing and ongoing work on foresight and trade-off analysis, and (ii) provide guidance on how to operationalize and embed such approaches as part of regular, ongoing governance within the management practices of One CGIAR.