Attendees: ISDC, SPIA Chair, CAS Secretariat

Background: ISDC will hold its first in-person meeting since 2019 before the 15th meeting of CGIAR’s System Council in Montpellier France. The meeting will be a closed-door, hybrid internal planning session from 4-6 March.

Meeting goals:

  • Take time together to listen, learn, and adjust, building an ever stronger complementary and effective ISDC
  • Reflect, learn, and build on the experience of reviewing Initiatives, to strengthen the quality of ISDC’s ongoing contribution and relationships with different parts of One CGIAR 
  • Expose purpose, strategy, and plan for each of the ISDC 2022 workstreams in line with the mission and vision of One CGIAR as expressed in the 2030 CGIAR Research and Innovation Strategy
  • Take a deep dive into ISDC’s 2022 plan, ensuring co-ownership across ISDC and confidence to meet major milestones in 2022, with attention to ambition and feasibility

Expected outcomes: 

  • Development of roadmaps for the 2022 workstreams of CGIAR Comparative Advantage, Science Forum, and Incubating Innovation
  • Review and discuss lessons learned from the Initiative proposal reviews