The first meeting for ISDC in 2020 was held virtually over four days from April 20th to the 23rd. The meeting focused on outcomes from the commissioned foresight studies across the One CGIAR impact areas and linkages to the forthcoming trade-off report. The meeting’s presentations and discussions led to the Foresight and Trade-off Implications for One CGIAR. Below outlines the themes and outcomes of each session.


Session 1: April 20, 14:00 to 16:10 CET

  • Session Theme: Making ISDC research actionable for decision-makers (includes update for ISDC members, presentations, discussion, and feedback from guests)
  • Expected Outcomes: Clarity and agreement regarding ISDC’s role and expected deliverables for One CGIAR

Invited guests included: SMB chair, SIMEC chair, CGIAR System Executive Director, TAG 2 Co-conveners, and CG Foresight Team Co-leads


Session 2: April 21, Independent Group Work, Varying Times

  • Session Theme: Translating foresight studies to the 2030 CGIAR Agenda (includes small group discussions across five impact areas)  
  • Expected Outcomes: Group presentations on specific focus area and key questions:
    • Looking across the foresight research, what are the similarities, differences, and research gaps concerning group’s focus area?
    • Which priority areas align best with the CGIAR's core capability and expertise? Which areas are less aligned and why? How can these gaps be bridged?
    • Each group review drivers identified in foresight research and discuss whether and how they are applicable to the group's focus area?
    • Implications for trade-offs?


Session 3: April 22, 13:00 to 16:15 CET

  • Session Theme: Linking foresight to trade-offs and policy (includes group presentations, open discussion, and consensus building)
  • Expected Outcomes: Implications for trade-off analysis and translation to policymakers


Session 4: April 23, 12:00 to 14:10 CET

  • Session Theme: Developing recommendations and next steps for ISDC in 2020 (includes facilitated and open discussions and decision-making)
  • Expected Outcomes: Main themes for 10th Meeting of the System Council and review of 2020 ISDC workplan