In 2023, the work of ISDC inspired a special issue in Agricultural Systems.  


Anticipating social differentiation and unintended consequences in scaling initiatives using GenderUp, a method to support responsible scaling

Erin McGuire, Cees Leeuwis, Anne M. Rietveld, Béla Teeken

Fostering social inclusion in development-oriented digital food system interventions

Jonathan Steinke, Charlotte Schumann, Simon Langan, Anna Müller, Felix Ouko Opola, Berta Ortiz-Crespo, Jacob van Etten

Linguistic diversity, climate shock, and farmers-herder conflicts: Implications for inclusive innovations for agro-pastoralism systems

Chun Song, Athanasios Petsakos, Elisabetta Gotor

Innovation portfolio management for responsible food systems transformation in the public sector: Lessons, results and recommendations from CGIAR

Marc Schut, Julien Colomer, Emma Proud, Enrico Bonaiuti, Iddo Dror, Edwin Kang'ethe, Lorena Esquivias, Cees Leeuwis

The role of living labs in cultivating inclusive and responsible innovation in precision agriculture

Maaz Gardezi, Halimeh Abuayyash, Paul R. Adler, et al.

Climate services for agriculture: Steering towards inclusive innovation in Australian climate services design and delivery

Stephen Snow, Simon Fielke, Aysha Fleming, Emma Jakku, Yuwan Malakar, Charles Turner, Tammy Hunter, Sigrid Tijs, Graham Bonnett

Ex-ante priority setting in crop breeding: Towards inclusive innovation for impact

M. Occelli, E. Compaore, D. Brown, F. Barry, L.S. Poda, F. Traore, A. Waongo, D. Rubin, H.A. Tufan

Equity principles: Using social theory for more effective social transformation in agricultural research for development

Erin McGuire, Maha Al-Zu'bi b, Maria Boa-Alvarado, Thi Thu Giang Luu, Janelle M. Sylvester, Eva Marina Valencia Leñero 

Advancing inclusive and effective agri-food systems research for development: A short communication

Fetien Abera, Magali Garcia, Holger Meinke, Christine Negra, Nompumelelo Obokoh, Allison Grove Smith

Studying inclusive innovation with the right data: An empirical illustration from Ethiopia

Solomon Alemu, Frederic Kosmowski, James R. Stevenson, Paola Mallia, Lemi Taye, Karen Macours

Challenges and opportunities for human-centered design in CGIAR

Anna Müller, Jonathan Steinke, Hugo Dorado, Salome Keller, Daniel Jiménez, Berta Ortiz-Crespo, Charlotte Schumann

Guidance on farmer participation in the design, testing and scaling of agricultural innovations

Lukas Pawera, Ravishankar Manickam, Carolyne Wangungu, Uon Bonnarith, Pepijn Schreinemachers, Srinivasan Ramasamy