With the completion of all CGIAR Research Program (CRP) evaluations in 2016, IEA commissioned a Synthesis to build on the evaluative evidence, aiming to draw lessons and highlight patterns across the completed evaluations.

The evaluative evidence covered in the Synthesis includes CRP evaluations (IEA and CRP commissioned), as well as System wide strategic studies such as the IEA Review on Governance and Management (2014), the ISPC commentaries on Extension Proposals (2015‐2016) as well as the Consortium‐commissioned Elsevier Study on research performance.

The main purpose of the Synthesis is to:

  • provide a summary assessment on the overall performance of CRPs
  • identify patterns relating to the evaluation findings , such as CRP design and relevance, implementation and management, progress towards outputs, performance (achievement of objectives), likelihood of impact
  • draw lessons that can be useful for the second phase of CRPs (what worked and what did not work and why)

The Synthesis covers the timeframe of the first phase of CRPs, with the main focus on CRPs and their research and organizational performance. It also identifies System level issues that go beyond the individual CRPs.