Background and Context

A4NH is one of four cross-cutting Global Integrating Programs within the CGIAR portfolio. A4NH focuses on the potential for agriculture to significantly improve nutrition and health. It began Phase I in 2012, led by IFPRI with nine other participating CGIAR Centers. In Phase II (2017–2021), A4NH continues to be led by IFPRI and is now managed by a group of four other CGIAR Centers (CIAT, Bioversity, ILRI, IITA) and two academic institutions (WUR, LSHTM). Research activities are carried out through five flagship programs (FPs): FP1–Food Systems for Healthier Diets; FP2–Biofortification; FP3–Food Safety; FP4–Supporting Policies, Programs, and Enabling Action through Research (SPEAR); and FP5–Improving Human Health. Two of these flagships, FP1 and FP5, are new in Phase II.

Purpose and Scope of the A4NH 2020 Review

In 2020 the CGIAR CAS Secretariat is conducting independent reviews of the 12 CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs), including this one of A4NH. The reviews will provide information on quality of science and effectiveness in each CRP. This review covers the Phase II years of 2017 through 2019, with a view to identifying lessons for future research modalities.





Recommended citation: CAS Secretariat (CGIAR Advisory Services Shared Secretariat). (2020). CGIAR Research Program 2020 Reviews: Agriculture for Nutrition and Health. Rome: CAS Secretariat Evaluation Function. https://cas.cgiar.org/



Laurian Unnevehr and Karen McHugh