This year was a year of change. From six new staff members starting in Rome, Italy to the One CGIAR reform—all during a mostly virtual world—Advisory Services experienced a busy year filled with collaboration across the three functions of the Independent Science Council (ISDC), the Standing Panel on Impact Assessment (SPIA), and Evaluation. We invite you to scroll down to view our interactive infographics to learn our various outcomes in 2020.


Online Engagement: Did You See?

Web analytics since June 2020.

* The consultant database is a new system to house qualified consultants for future Secretariat projects.


Our Network Around the World

Our network consists of ISDC members, consultants, and SPIA panel, researchers, and collaborators.*

* SPIA collaborators include only principal investigators of SPIA funded projects.


Advisory Services Global Representation


World Map

The Virtual Year of Engagements

A total of 18 external virtual meetings were organized by CAS.

Please note: Audiences may overlap. System Council includes Strategic Impact, Monitoring and Evaluation Committee (SIMEC).


Your 2020 Reading List


* Meeting reports not included.


Supporting Evidence Generation for One CGIAR - ISDC

Supporting Evidence Generation for One CGIAR - SPIA

Supporting Evidence Generation for One CGIAR - Evaluation